Who are we?

Women Playwrights International (WPI) is a non-profit and non-governmental organization dedicated to facilitating communications, meetings, interchanges, and activities among the international community of women in theatre. This is done mainly through maintaining ongoing international Women Playwrights Conferences every three years at different locations in the world.

The mission of WPI is to further the work of women playwrights around the world by promoting their works, encouraging and assisting the development of their works and bringing international recognition to their works. "Women Playwrights" shall be understood to include all women working in the theatre of all races, classes, ages, ethnic or religious background, sexual preferences, and women with disabilities.

The six goals of WPI are:

  • To extend opportunities for meeting, international networking and artistic exchange
  • To increase and further production opportunities for women’s writing for the stage
  • To encourage, create and assist the education and development of women playwrights and their craft
  • To defend the right of women playwrights to engender their own artistic forms and critical standards
  • To encourage study and informed critique of the work of women playwrights
  • To support women playwrights against censorship and political persecution for the expression of their ideas.

The first conference was held in Buffalo, USA in 1988. It gathered more than 200 women from 30 countries around the world. 1991, the second conference was held in Toronto, Canada, followed by Adelaide, Australia 1994; Galway, Ireland 1997; Athens and Delphi, Greece 2000; Manila, Philippines 2003; Jakarta and Bali, Indonesia 2006; and Mumbai, India 2009; Stockholm, Sweden 2012; and Cape Town, South Africa 2015.

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